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tv   Panel Discussion on Government and Corruption  CSPAN  April 12, 2015 1:11am-1:16am EDT

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brandon's book has what it means for second demand rates we have time for one or two more quick questions. >> did you know, that there were added retract their erroneous statements to set the record straight? >> there are some corrections in the paper that it could be nine page one with a few sentences. the biggest scandal since the '70s like plagiarism or stealing stories from other people.
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you did see some backhanded apologies again we the they could be slightly more aggressive with their reporting or credible. in day went with it that the publishers would not allow. there is cents a lot of candor that is a separate issue even in self criticism of for rigo and vanity reasons or ego. [laughter] >> one more question.
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>> this is for mr. garrett powerboat -- i was surprised to find out that corporations based on the supreme court decisions with purposes of the federal code that like murder or rape or etc.. but yet corporations have rehabilitative types of punishment. hall is this allowed by law? where is the 14th amendment? >> [inaudible] if that is why i wanted to write the book and then they got the prosecution and the
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agreement to let people show good contact those who do terrible time for nonviolent crime. he has said more things about the criminal-justice system but a lot of balance needs to be restored wary wreak cop -- care about rehabilitating companies and it is a terrible contrast. >> we have to stop there for the interest of time. >> [inaudible] >> we really have to stop. take you to the panel. [applause]
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excuse me. please. the queue. thank you. >> nobody is speaking now. >> please. richard your evaluation forms and by some books to have them signed. [applause] [inaudible conversations]


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